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Let us help ease your laundry/cleaning load during this difficult time. Our storefront is open, and for those staying home, we offer pickup and delivery services!  We’ve taken every precaution to ensure the health of our staff and employees, including aggressive sanitation and hand-washing procedures. Our delivery staff have been briefed on additional precautionary measures including maintaining social distancing guidelines and sanitation between stops.

Fairbanks Cleaners

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Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Dry cleaning at Fairbanks Cleaners means having your clothes cleaned with utmost care. On top of this, your clothes receive the non-toxic cleaning process, which makes sure that your clothes are cleaned safely for both you and the environment. Fairbanks Cleaners also offers hand-finished laundry service for your garments and household items, which are pressed with care. Throughout the cleaning process, your clothes are carefully inspected and cared for, to be returned to you in their best possible state.

Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery is done twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. Your clothes are transported with care and brought to your doorstep. Anything that you want cleaned can be picked up, cleaned, and delivered right back to you in a timely manner.

Leather & Suede

Leather and suede require special attention and care, but you can trust Fairbanks Cleaners to make sure that your clothing pieces are properly cleaned and returned to you in their best condition.


Whether you clothes need new buttons, or tailoring, Fairbanks Cleaners can do it. Your clothes are handled with care by professional tailors and made sure that they fit to your request. 

Bed & Household Linens

Sheets, napkins, or anything of the sort can be cleaned and returned to you neatly folded or hanged, and as good as new. Whether you spilled a drink, made a tear, or just simply want them cleaned, Fairbanks Cleaners will get them back to you spotless and like new.

Bridal Gowns

Bridal gowns are beautiful pieces of clothing that should stay beautiful throughout the years. Fairbanks Cleaners will treat your bridal gown with utmost care and preserve it to maintain its elegance for many years.

Purses & Handbags

Your purses and handbags are an important aspect to any outfit, and making sure that they are clean and cared for is just as important. Fairbanks Cleaners will make sure that your purses and handbags are treated the same as any other piece, and presented to you in their best state.


What is non-toxic cleaning?
Fairbanks Cleaners cleans your clothes with the non-toxic cleaning process, whereas many other dry cleaners don’t. Some of the chemicals used in these dry cleaners are all harmful to both you and the environment. Fairbanks Cleaners avoids these chemicals in order to provide you with the safest and cleanest clothes possible.

We accept all major credit cards and we have 24 hour Services available.



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